[IMAGE MEME] Pacquiao versus ...who?

created and posted by Kris Caballero (January 19, 2019)

An original meme featuring a flyer promoting the boxing match between Manny Pacquiao versus Adrien...

Nice flyer. That's what happens when you don't hire a proofreader. Then again, businesses can save thousands of dollars by doing the work themselves, right?

(On a serious note, yes that quote Raimondi said was real. He said that same statement prior to the Mayweather v. MacGregor fight.)

Source: Picture taken at Good-Ha restaurant—a flyer posted on a newspaper rack at the entrance.

Credit: Kris Caballero (@kcuniversal)
Made and created on January 18, 2019.

TEXT: As writer Marc Raimondi once said: "Let him shoot his load!"

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