[IMAGE MEME] Ryley Says..."Customer Discounts"

created and posted by Kris Caballero (March 07, 2019)

An original meme featuring Ryley in a series 'Ryley Says.' Here, he talks about customer discounts.

If you've worked at customer service, you've witnessed some customers maliciously arguing with employees and managers just to get a discount, or even an item for free. Some even pretend that their item(s) got stolen to re-claim another copy for free (one woman cried while complaining about this with her daughter, then stopped wailing after she exited through the door).

I'll never forget when a middle-eastern couple argued each other over which photo they'd like to purchase. They realized they wasted so much breath after finding out that the prices are non-negotiable. WOW HAHA! SO STAGED! Nice acting, folks; No discounts for you.

Source: Ryley Wyatt Merchant (Founder of Contemplative Shenanigan, Inc.)
Image used with permission.
Credit: Kris Caballero (@kcuniversal)
Made and created on March 06, 2019.

TEXT: Hello, I'm Ryley. Here's a toast to those that don't think customers who argue with employees guarantees them a discount.

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