[IMAGE MEME] IHOP on Hollywood is "International House of Parking"

created and posted by Kris Caballero (June 11, 2019)

An original meme lashing at the stupid management at IHOP on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, CA, and how their parking lot should be a place for customers to dine at In-N-Out.

Honestly, I've parked at IHOP for 1 year and it's the perfect place to go anywhere you please, in this case, In-N-Out. It's also free! Why give business and your money to shitty customer service and dealing with their rude managers when you can make use of their low turnout, like their parking lot? Give Uber and Lyft drivers a break, let alone public transit: Drive your own car, and park it at IHOP. Then take your empty stomach and fill it across the street at In-N-Out. At least their restaurant business doesn't pretend to sell something they're not used to selling (that would be like if a beer company started selling their own deodorant).

Sure, parking at IHOP may put your car at risk of being towed away, but when everyone parks there, cops will think it's a busy day only to find that customer spending is all going to In-N-Out! Besides, the cops have better things to do, like blocking off Hollywood Boulevard for movie premiere/screenings, stopping drunks from harrassing children.

This will guarantee in pissing off IHOP, let alone homeowners in Hollywood when it comes to public parking. Then again, no tourists means no business, and business is the reason you have a job, right?

IHOP on Sunset Boulevard sucks. Read these reviews on Yelp:

These reviews about IHOP on Hollywood proves they ought to be shut down.

Source: Picture taken by Kris Caballero.
Meme idea credited to Evan R.
Credit: Kris Caballero (@kcuniversal)
Made and created on June 11, 2019.

TEXT: IHOP on Hollywood is actually 'International House of Parking' for In-N-Out."

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